Canto Ventures

Canto Ventures is set to bundle eager Cantonese learners from beginner to business levels at affordable rates through online, personalised teaching by native Cantonese teacher Gisele who has over 5 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong.

Beginners can look forward to learning how to speak Cantonese WITHOUT learning how to write Chinese. While we rely on accurate pronunciation, we also make sure students are able to process the words taught, through noting down what they hear.

For example, EU country speakers can denote different accents for themselves to relate better to what is taught rather than the conventional way of teaching and trying to absorb as much of its taught form.

For more advice on how to start learning Cantonese right now, email Gisele at

(Cantonese is a flexible dialect of Chinese and is spoken across Hong Kong and Guangdong province, as well as settled down citizens in South East Asia and out of Asia.)